eMail CRM maximized the life-time value of my customers.

  Dolly Kee - Director
email CRM broadcast freeware
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eMail CRM is
about building customer loyalty, I recommend it.

Jim Bryant


Jim Bryant - Director


The most powerful CRM
e-marketing product, I have ever used.

  Tommy Sessions - CEO


A key asset to my eMail CRM communication strategies.

Philip Saint Pere


Philip Saint Pere
- President

  Jason CEO

eMail CRM
the untapped approach to trust, goodwill and customer loyalty.

  Jason - CEO


give it
  All Sales is Seduction
Recall the last time you seduced anyone.

"Many the successful seducer knows not to put anything between the object of seduction and the pillow...."
Featured Article by Alexis D. Gutzman
    Essence of Passion
Featured articles on eCRM

"The basics that you need to form
that keep your customer forever,
even if your prices are higher than
your competition..."
Featured Article by Phyllis Sheerin Ross
How to Keep Your Customer Forever?


All Sales is Seduction..."Did you tick off a list of the benefits of acquiescing to the seduction? Of course not. You knew that wouldn’t work. Instead, you took pains to pick out the right words to convey both the excitement of the possibilities ahead, and the urgency of taking action"

Secrets for
Relationship Marketing

How to Keep Your Customer Forever?

Simplifying CRM Featured Article by Sarah L. Roberts-Witt
"At the turn of the last century
, companies didn't agonize over weighty terms like customer relationship management (CRM), that overused and misunderstood buzzword currently plaguing the business world. Instead they focused on the individuals who frequented their shops, restaurants, and offices..."

Let them be the grump Featured Article by Borck Henderson
"Be the ray of sunshine that is taking care of their problem. Their problem may be insignificant to you or may appear to be irrational, but it is serious to your customers. My words to you are simple: The customer is not always right but they are always the customer..."

  "Sending email messages
is the most popular use for the Internet (79.9 percent of Internet
users use e-mail) according to
U.S. Dept. of Commerce report..."

Featured Article by Victoria Steele
Effective Use of E-signatures

Seven Steps to Building - Better Customer Relationships

The Marks of Distinction - How do you grow your business?

What is eCRM or email -  Customer Relationship Marketing?

Satisfaction guaranteed -  What Online Customers Want?

Romancing the customer - Dealing with Unhappy Customer

  Are You In Business To Help Customers?

One Vital Element That No One Is Telling You

SPcide: The art of reverse-euthanasia



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eMail CRM Freeware Maximize the life-time value of your clients and getting them to smile at you

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Free eBook Sun Tzu Art of War Leaders who takes on the role of the commander, without strategy invite defeat.

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Art of eMail CRM How to apply minimum efforts for maximum result at the shortest time?

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